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With hero’s equipment, you can fight a hundred battles with


With the development of electronic products, the electronic games are more and more popular and lead to the increasing favor to peripheral equipments. Asa professional game player, who takes the bonus acquired in the game as the main source of livelihood, to have a handy gaming peripherals equipment is one of the important conditions for defeating the enemy.

About peripheral equipments, in fact, it is not only including keyboard,mouse, headset, LCD monitor and monitor arm are also included. A high-end PC iseven a gamer’s dream.


Ergonomic monitor arm is very suitable for the gamer with high performance, which could rotate 360 degree and could achieve a suitable vision angle by stretching, tilting and rotating. In addition, It can help us tochange the using habit for screen function, such as using the monitor placed up right to see long pages and vertical pictures, or placing the monitor with down-dip to meet the viewer’s lying posture. It can not only ensure gamer play happily, but also give the players a comfortable and freely movable operating experience.         



Think Wise LCD arm S100 is such a product. Adopted with constant force design principle and gas spring structure adjustment solution, Think Wise LCDArm S100 could be adjusted freely.S100 is an ideal choice to professional gamer for perfect flexicity and high applicability and practicability.