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Game life with ThinkWise triple monitor arm


With the more and more the game lovers, only one screen can not meet their requirement and they seek after visual shock on multi-screen. At the same time,multi-screen monitor is one of the necessary parts. A good multi-screen could support the weight of monitor, ensure the security and stability of the monitorand adjust the angle between these monitors freely.


ThinkWise triple monitor arm L301 is made by aviation aluminum with strong metallic and anodized appearance. It could be suitable for 15-24 inch monitor with the weight capacity of 8kg. It could be fixed on the desk steadily like a rock. All in all, it is the ideal choice for game lover for its steady and  domineering.               

ThinkWise triple monitor arm L301, from post to base, are all common equipments in the current market. From humanize angle, it is easy to use gas rotated lift base with various function, like L301.The arms of L301 could be stretched front and back, folded up and down and rotated for 360 degrees.


When finishto install the L301, the monitor could be easy adjusted without hardness and noise. It has no gap with the unique stitching design. The user can achieve amazing visual effect for ergonomic design and freely movable. 

Both function and feature of L301 could bring a oversized visual experience to the game lovers. Game lovers, enter your game life with L301!