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OEM development of ThinkWise


OEM, short of Original Equipment Manufacturer, literally means a factory manufactures products and parts as required by another factory. It also means brand-made.

OEM is anessential route under the socialized large scale production and cooperation trends, also an effective way for resources rationalized. It has been animportant part of modern industry production.

OEM is quite popular in IT and electronic industries. “You get what you paid for” best summarized the IT products. From the angle of brand and price, consumers are willing to trust the power of brand and pay for it. That is why so many enterprises make OEM products to build the reputations, and break into the market.

Shanghai ThinkWise, is famous for its professional manufacturing of LCD monitor and laptop arms. Since founded in 2007, it has opened overseas markets. Its main business is OEM LCD monitor arms. From trading company outright export to self-export, it goes on the path of brand.

At present,ThinkWise overseas share proportion is more and more large. It recognized by overseas market by its products, brand and updating technology. Besides OEM,ThinkWise export in its own brand too. In the meantime, it also develops the domestic market. Enterprise managements should be aware of global markets, turn the controllable factors of manufacturing products to uncontrollable of comprehensive utilization of channel construction by taking full advantages of domestic and international resources and OEM business. By OEM, it can reduce many unnecessary cost of management resource, and establish smooth marketing network.


To understand the market solution and demand, together with the products and series services, take good use of OEM, enterprise can supply a systematic and integrated solution for end-user, and broaden its horizon, get rid of the limit of the simple products. In the practice of modern enterprises management, it has proved that no matter how elite and advanced a product or technology, the mimic even better products appears in he markets. It is a key to build a special business image to customers, and win the market.